My husband and I have always had our furry children and farm animals, but we knew we wanted to have human children too. So, after being together for close to 14 years we felt it was a great time to start.

My pregnancy was rough at times, but I loved every minute of it. It somehow made me feel so calm and at peace with the world. I’m one of those “organic eating, gun toting, born again farm girls”, not much like my SoCal upbringing. So, I naturally wanted to use a midwife instead of a doctor for my prenatal care and birth. We figured a midwife would give us closer attention and care than a doctor would. My husband and I began going to a midwife at Centennial hospital. We also started Hypnobirthing classes, which were great. Rachael, our Hypnobirthing teacher, was so amazing at answering all of our questions and giving us a guide to the natural birth I wanted. It was all starting to feel so real; but the more we went to our midwife at the hospital the more we found that we didn’t receive the natural style care we wanted. I knew that when the time came, we would be alone in the cold hospital room and she would most likely show up when the baby was almost out! We thought having a doula would be a perfect solution to fill the gaps when the midwife couldn’t be with us. My friend recommended that I check out Well Rounded Mama, and that’s where I found Tiffanie. We clicked immediately. I knew that her caring, mellow personality was just what I needed to be there for me in my time of need. For every single question I had, she had a response that made me feel comfortable, informed and altogether less worried about the unknown. After extensive discussions we decided to do a home birth with her as our midwife. It’s definitely not a decision we took lightly. My husband’s father Is a pediatrician and mother is a nurse. So you can imagine how comfortable and safe Tiffanie made us feel. She had and still has our complete trust. So at about my 6 month mark we started seeing Tiffanie exclusively.

The day before Milla was born, I had sporadic contractions, but I was able to relax and eat normally. I was even able to sleep that night. Then, I woke up the morning of March 10th at 7am with much stronger contractions. I remembered my Hypnobirthing techniques of relaxing in between contractions. My husband was monitoring me and communicating with Tiffanie the whole time. He pretty much followed me around with a heat pad and massaged my lower back constantly. I wouldn’t let him leave my side. I remember that it was around noon when Tiffanie and Cora (her assistant whom was training) arrived. They were a godsend! My husband was happy to have another set of hands to massage, feed water or juice and encourage me. I was at that point of silence, focusing on myself and my baby. I was also already at the point of pushing. It was difficult for me, not knowing anything about birth or even how to push, but I was there. After trying all sorts of different positions we finally found one that was conducive for me to push. We were all positioned at the side of our bed. I had Cora on one side, my husband behind me against the bed and Tiffanie in front of me sitting in our dogs fluffy bed. With every push I was reminded to relax and take deep breaths. It’s not like there wasn’t any pain, because there was, but no one mentioned pain. I could feel an overwhelming sense of everyone’s confidence in me. It was calming to know that even if I felt I couldn’t go any further, I really could and everyone believed I could. That really kept me going. Having everyone around me, helping me along, keeping me hydrated and staying relaxed was the only thing I needed. At one point, I remember everyone laughing because one of our dog’s Christmas toys began to sing. All these warm holiday images of our family and a new baby started to run into my mind. That brought on good thoughts, but I was feeling exhausted. Everyone said I was making progress, I just didn’t feel it. Pushing her head out was the hardest part; but once that happened, the rest of her body came out and I felt a gush of amneotic fluid with her arrival. Tiffanie placed her on my chest and we immediately fell in love! We wanted the baby’s sex to be a surprise and she was! Milla Jean Broock was born at 5:44pm, she was 8 pounds 9 ounces, 21 inches long and had a full head of beautiful hair.

After I delivered the placenta, I was helped into bed where I just cuddled and nursed in awe of what had just happened. Tiffanie and Cora cleaned up and allowed my husband and I to lay and enjoy our new baby girl.

It was a truly amazing experience. From start to finish. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better first birth story than what I had. I will forever be thankful for that day. Most people say labor was the worst, etc, etc…….but I would do it again and again. This was how birth is meant to be.